App Gearエリートコマンド-AR【楽天海外直送】 - App Gear Elite Command-AR:Excellent Imports

App Gearエリートコマンド-AR - App Gear Elite Command-AR

App Gearエリートコマンド-AR【楽天海外直送】 - App Gear Elite Command-AR:Excellent Imports

App Gear Elite Command-AR

As Earth nears total destruction by alien forces, an elite space commander is tasked for a last-ditch mission to save the planet. Elite CommandAR is an immersive, Augmented Reality AR first-person mobile application shooter game for iPhone and Android smartphones. Contents include a free downloadable app one pistol, one detachable smart device holder, two AR markers, and one user manual Turn your world into a digital battlefield! Use the included AR markers to take out alien invaders sneaking into your world through a portal from another dimension or accept a risky mission to fight for the survival of the planet. The immersive controls use a first-person viewpoint with pan and tilt function. Aim the pistol and pull its trigger to shoot enemies and targets in the game. Use secondary pistol buttons to raise your shield, change weapons, select special weapons and reload. There are 3 game modes available. Campaign: Undertake a dangerous intergalactic mission to save Earth. Training: Hone your skills on the shooting range. AR Battle: Battle digital enemies invading your living room or office. Need help completing the campaign. You can even battle with your friend in 2-player co-op mode! Upgrades are also available earn points to buy or upgrade guns and special weapons. Requires: 2 x AA batteries. System Requirements: Supported devices: iPhone 4 and above; iPod touch 4th generation or better. Minimum device specs: Google Android 2.3.3, 1GHz processor, 512MB, with back-facing camera, supports iPhone compatible headphones, device width 83mm or smaller, unless otherwise specified on the support site.

Dimensions: 8.9 x 10.2 x 2.5 centimetres (0.34 kg)

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送料無料 サン電子 F形コネクタ 中継用×1個入・5C用×2個入 F5CN-P パナソニック 加湿器用 加湿フィルター FE-ZHE03 折り畳み式 App Gearエリートコマンド-AR - App Gear Elite Command-AR

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東急ハンズ M.MOWBRAY エム.モゥブレィ シュークリーム グリーン MIZAR(ミザールテック) フィールドスコープ 12〜30倍 50mm口径 傾斜型 SP-1230 ブラック 和田こう App Gearエリートコマンド-AR - App Gear Elite Command-AR Ulanzi 三脚マウント 縦型横撮影360回転 1/4''三脚に対応 カメラホットシュー付きアルミ製シュー キャノン/ニコンに対応DSLR

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